read before you post / netiquette / choosing your title

Read me first before posting anywhere!

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read before you post / netiquette / choosing your title

Postby ca.funke » Tue Mar 29, 2011 8:54 am

Dear new member, (all others please read the last paragraph first!)

General Note:
  • Please do not write in all capitals, AS THIS IS MUCH HARDER TO READ!
Before posting, please think about the following:
  • what is my situation
    • nationalities, current location(s), going alone or with the family...?
  • what do I want to do/achieve...?
    • destination, permanent visa, visiting visa, mode of travel...?
  • how can I summarise my situation in a few words?
    • This is your title!

Many newbies post their questions using general titles such as
  • please help
  • confusing situation
  • urgent
  • etc...
Since most people come to forums for help it´s needless to say that you seek help. Immigration scenarios are also usually confusing and urgent. All of this is in the nature of the topic. What you want to get out of this forum is a solution, and it works like that:

The regulars who can help usually have certain topics in which they can give some sort of advice. Now that they do so, free of charge and usually quite helpful, you may want to consider making their life as easy as possible. This means giving them an easy way to identify the threads in which they may be of assistance, and not forcing them to read every general outcry for help (actually they might not, and who loses out is you!).

Workshop: How to change the title of a thread:
  • Make sure you´re logged in.
  • When logged in, the top right of your own posts (inside the thread) shows two buttons: "Quote" and "Edit"
  • click "Edit" in your FIRST post in the thread
  • The subject for this post is also the thread title, which can now be changed
  • click "submit" and you´re done
Please do note that the "EDIT" option will only be available for the first 15 minutes of making a post.

Thanks for reading and posting appropriately!

Rgds, Christian
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