Fees for Naturalisation and other questions...

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Fees for Naturalisation and other questions...

Postby G1 » Thu Apr 15, 2010 9:02 am

Hi All,

Allow me first to thank the members of this wonderful forum for providing invaluable advice on literally every issue thrown at them... this helps numerous applicants and also some "passive" surfers like me, who gain a lot of useful inputs indeed.

I'm on the verge of applying for my citizenship (via NCS) and I've got a couple of rather silly queries. Appreciate if any of you could please take time out and reply.

1. Fees for Naturalisation: Am applying with my spouse and I've found two documents on the UBKA site providing two different numbers:

a. As per this document, the fee for a joint application is £930 (includes cost of ceremony).
b. However, as per this doc, the fee for a joint app is £770 excluding a fee of £160 (£80*2) for the ceremony.

Technically they both amount to the same, but just want to be clear what to pay when, lest I'm short-charged.

2. I'll also be registering my children for British Nationality at the same time. Now, are they required to be physically present at the NCS?

3. What are the rules around signatures? My current signature is an effective but meanigless scribble and I wish to change that to something more meaningful (albeit effective). That will then differ and I'll have to change all my heretofore "recorded" signatures - e.g., with banks, DVLA, etc.

The hassle of changing these aside,
a. is it a good idea to change the way one signs?
b. is this a good time to do it (= any idea if it would delay my application)?

I'm hoping to step into a new life altogether and wish to adopt the new one, if situations permit. Anyone else face this (silly) issue?

Thanks in advance.

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Postby f2k » Thu Apr 15, 2010 2:54 pm

1/ (a) is the correct one, remember thats the one with the payment form that you send with you application. you are right b is also correct if you add the ceremony fees

2/ Best to check with the NCS you are applying through, when i applied for my child to registered, i went on my own

3/ If you wish to change your signature then it is probably better to start sooner rather than later otherwise you will have more things to change later and then you might never get round to doing it.
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Postby G1 » Fri Apr 16, 2010 2:40 pm

Thanks f2k for taking time out. Much appreciated.

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