Being denied work because out-of-date passport

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Being denied work because out-of-date passport

Postby CEALB » Mon Dec 05, 2016 1:48 am

Hi, my situation and problem are as follows:
- I live in London since October 2002. Married and settled. Have my NI number , P45's, Enhanced DBS certificate, wages slips, proof of permanent address, etc.
- I have ILR visa since April 2004 stamped on my original Venezuelan passport I came in with in 2002.
- In September 2011 I had a new passport emitted by the Venezuelan Consulate here in London.
- Since 2004, I did travel 3 times for hols with both passports, that is, with the old one with the ILR visa stamped on it and the last one (now out-of-date) without problems. Last time I did so was from Dec 2011 to Jan 2012.
- I have been working either freelance or hired (temporary and part time) by agencies here in London for all these years without any problem.
- I applied for renovation of my last (or second) Venezuelan passport last September 2016, just before becoming out-of-date, but the Venezuelan Consulate has announced serious delays in emitting and delivering new passports (over 5+ months). All I have is a slip that confirms I have applied for it and is in process. I do have and keep my 2 old passports with me.
- Then, last October I was told at interviews with 2 different job agencies that they needed to see my up-to-date or new passport along with my ID card or ILR Card, as the original ILR stamp on the old passport is no longer valid ! (even though they recognised that such information is not in the gov uk page/site which according to them is not actualised since 2013), otherwise NOBODY will employ me ?!

So, at the moment, I have been put out in the cold to freeze. What can I do ? :
- Can I apply for my ID ILR Card with my out of date passport? ( I read I can only apply for it with my new Venezuelan passport...).
- Is it true that my 2 old passports along with proof address like Council tax bill, NI number, P45, etc and my 2 old and out-of-date passports are not good enough to win a new job assignment by any agency ?
Is it true that I can not work in this country having my Venezuelan Passport out-of-date?
- What options/documents do I have to show to find a job then, after living and working here for for just over 14 years? I am over 55 years old and I need to work to make ends meet at home, only part time due to health problems under control. I NEVER HAD THIS PROBLEM BEFORE and I am not on benefits or anything like that, but it feels like all of the sudden I am being discriminated and being treated as a suspicios inmigrant.

- pd: I have not told any of my potential employers/agencies, but last September I passed my English test with A/A and now I am studying for my LITUK test which I may take in January, but this whole process to win my UK citizenship will take months and I can not wait for this to gain a job. I read that I can use my out-of-date passport to take the test and apply for my citizenship, is that right?

Finally, I will appreciate your advice.
K Regards,
Mrs CA
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Postby CEALB » Mon Dec 05, 2016 2:15 am

* I meant Permanent resident card = ID Card or ILR Card
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Postby vinny » Mon Dec 05, 2016 5:59 am

Unfortunately, they expect you to apply for NTL when seeking new employment.
Please click on any given links for further information.

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