Indian passport for baby born in UK

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Indian passport for baby born in UK

Postby bvp123 » Wed Jul 24, 2013 4:04 pm

Hi all,

I have gone through some of the posts asking about the same thing, but am still confused. My baby is 2 months old, born in the UK and we would like to get him an Indian passport.

I understand that he will need and birth certificate from the council (which I have with me now), and then will need his birth registered at the Indian consulate/embassy. Following which the passport application be sent to the consulate.

I plan to deal with the consulate in Birmingham, but would anyone know if I can do both the registration of birth and application for passport together? Can I do the registration online and send the supporting documents along with the passport application documents in one go?

Please kindly advise guys.

Thanks, Balu
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Postby z18runway » Thu Jul 25, 2013 4:18 pm

Them both can be done at same time, i am not sure at birmingham.

I did at indian high commission, London.
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Postby ban.s » Thu Jul 25, 2013 5:43 pm

Indian Passport for new baby in the UK
detrix wrote:My baby was born in UK and both parents being Indian citizens it was time for getting an Indian passport. So here's my experience.

After birth, next day we got his birth registered in UK in the hospital itself. It was fairly straightforward - we filled a form and for GBP 4 we got a copy of his UK birth registration which can be used for getting a passport.

Then came the tougher part - getting his birth registered in Indian High Commission. We had read from internet posts that both birth registration and passport application can be made on the same day. We were WRONG. Birth registration needs to be done first - takes 2 weeks and after getting birth registration it takes another 7 working days for passport.

After filling the online form and attaching EXACTLY 20kb or less size photo and signature (of one parent ONLY) in JPG (can't be jpeg or anything else - ONLY JPG) the form got submitted online. I took printouts of that form, UK birth registration, self-attested copies of both parents passport, marriage certificate and its copies and went to India House in London.

I had heard horrible tales of India house - be in line from 6am and all that. I reached there at 9.10am and was inside in 10 mins on a Monday morning. Not that much rush although my token no. was 29. Inside you go up and there's a small enclosure with some seating and a counter where a sarcastic guy looks at all original documents and takes the forms and photocopies. He did the same with me, took GBP 34 for birth registration and asked me to come after 2 weeks. Collection of documents is from 4pm-5pm - long lines.

After birth registration was ready, next day I applied for passport - it was real hard to get thumb impression of an infant's thumb. Anyways, I took 4 passport size photos - took photo myself and color printed it on photo quality paper 45X35mm ONLY. This time it was more straightforward and cost GBP 38. Got the passport after 7 working days.

I didn't use the prepaid envelopes and went in person since these are important documents, although if you use prepaid envelopes it can save the collection trips.
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Postby nit2k » Fri Sep 13, 2013 4:02 pm


Could you please let me know how many photos need to be sent with the registration form?

Also please verify my understanding of supporting docs as below:
1. 3 Copies of the online submitted registration form
2. 3 copies of Marriage Certificate (self attested by both parents)
3. 3 copies of Father's passport (self attested by Father)
4. 3 copies of Mother's passport (self attested by Mother)
5. 3 copies of baby's birth certificate - Full version
6. How many photos need to be sent?

Also is it correct that the fee is £36

Lastly please share with me the full address that I need to post the documents to. (For my older one we applied for registration and passport in Birmingham.)

Thanks in advance

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