why I voted for brexit

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why I voted for brexit

Postby zakir1988 » Wed Jan 25, 2017 2:33 pm

There are many reasons why I have voted brexit but I'm happy we are going out of the European union.

Since growing up born here in UK London it was good being in European union until now it's not very good as inflation is rising, immigration and companies are exploiting the Zero hour contract, most compenies like employing people from someone who is from an European country cause they think they can work longer hours for minimum wage etc...

It's was good being in the European union in the 1990s but I feel immigration is to blame to many people are here it's not fair they got to get benefits, housing, came to UK with an disability claiming DLA etc.. as in the own country they wouldn't get the help they needed etc. .
Most People would agree with me

One thing that got me angry about is why people from European Union can be like someone like who is an British Born person or from outside European union who has got ILR the British government should have given a time limit to the Europeans living in UK before they where allowed to claim any benefits, tax credits etc... I know they have just started doing this.

For example when my dad came to UK from Bangladesh he had to live a number of years before home office granted him ILR my mum came with my nan my parents had tough time but they where so grateful to the British community

I feel many Europeans who came here in UK don't integrate with the British community they just work send the money back home not like our parents who came from an non European country they really did integrate with the British way of life.

I know we will loose some of our immigration rights etc. . But the change I feel is For the better it will take time to adjust to things.

This is my opinion.
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Re: why I voted for brexit

Postby secret.simon » Wed Jan 25, 2017 3:24 pm

Be careful with such posts. Anxiety-provoking posts and any post suggesting that all immigration is not entirely positive without even a scintilla of negativity for all involved will get you marked as a right-winger. That is a term of great derision, if not of absolute damnation.

On a serious note, I am aware of many non-EEA migrants, particularly those from the Commonwealth countries, who feel the same way. One of my work colleagues, who did not just vote for but also campaigned for Leave, felt that people from Commonwealth countries have to go through many hoops to attain British citizenship, while EEA citizens just waltz in on the basis of the EEA passport and don't appreciate British citizenship as much. It is also felt that there is a lot more in common between people from Commonwealth countries and the UK in terms of language, appreciation of similar judicial systems, etc, as opposed to between EEA citizens and British citizens, whose cultural expectations do not match to the same extent.

Again, remember that the UK has been in this position before. Before 1962, anybody with a Commonwealth passport could waltz into the UK with their Commonwealth passport. As the winds of change swept the world, there was a fear of a tidal wave of immigration and the rules were tightened quite a bit between 1962 and 1983, with the Immigration Act 1971 still being the law governing non-EEA immigration to the UK.

The UK entered the EEC in 1973, in the company of countries which were on par in terms of broad lifestyle. Whether the A8 & subsequent A2 expansions was a wise decision will be for historians in a hundred years to reflect on. Be that as it may, now that it is again the desire of the British people to tighten the rules on immigration, it was made very clear that the only way to do that was by leaving the Single Market. Thence the road that we are on.

I have no doubt that in another 40-50 years, we will be revisiting the same debate again. Plus ça change...

Now stepping aside, waiting for the fireworks...
I am not a lawyer or immigration advisor. My statements/comments do not constitute legal advice. E&OE. Please do not PM me for advice. Being a Respected Guru does not mean I know more, it just means I can google better. Google knows it all.
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Re: why I voted for brexit

Postby noajthan » Wed Jan 25, 2017 3:31 pm

In the words of the immortal Voltaire (or perhaps not),
I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it

Will probably not quite go as far as to the death either. But I hear your pain.
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Re: why I voted for brexit

Postby mkhan2525 » Sat Feb 11, 2017 7:22 pm

Brexit could be a blessing for Commonwealth citizens.

http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/po ... 75221.html
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Re: why I voted for brexit

Postby secret.simon » Sat Feb 18, 2017 4:20 pm

It seems the OP's views may not have been an aberration.

Inside the British Asian Brexit vote – and why it contains a few surprises
I am not a lawyer or immigration advisor. My statements/comments do not constitute legal advice. E&OE. Please do not PM me for advice. Being a Respected Guru does not mean I know more, it just means I can google better. Google knows it all.
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Re: why I voted for brexit

Postby Obie » Sat Feb 18, 2017 5:08 pm

It is difficult to see how OP's post can be given the description you have atributed to it.

His views bore a significant digression from reality or mainstream.

Figure clearly indicate that European work hard and pay they way in the UK, contrary to what the OP has stated. Immigrant are mostly able bodied and make positive contribution, rather than claiming disability benefit.
Furthermore OP failed to appreciate that the rights that EU citizens have in the UK, UK citizens have in Spain , where they use up a huge amount of Spanish budget in Hospital bills, and they also have similar rights in France, Germany, Netherlands.

The EU courts have favoured the rights of Brits living in other memberstates, like the case of Levin, Metock.

So this is not one way traffic.

I am sure OP should do a bit of reality check, revert back to his history if he was from my generation. I am sure perhaps his parents must have told him about Enoch Powell, Peter Griffiths and the 1964 Smethwick ELection. He must have been told about no Irish , no blacks no dogs. I am sure Asian will be most aware of Idi Amin.

So it will be utterly foolish for any minority person to target European citizens in any way, and be under the illusion or illusion that their condition will improve significantly when they are gone.

Yesterday it was the Asians and Blacks that bore the wrath of Enoch Powell, today it is the Eastern European that are bearing the wrath of the Over Zealot Tories. Once they are gone, who knows who will be next in line.

Sorry for digging into history, just that i feel humanity needs to remember the past, and learn from it.
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