Help. False document submitted to the court

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Help. False document submitted to the court

Postby ftqaalx » Thu Feb 16, 2017 5:29 pm

Hi gurus. Please help

My sister's visa get cancelled because of the TOEIC. She then lodged an appeal. During the appeal, HO send her the audio recordings of her test. However, she decided to do something she think is smart which I think is totally stupid. She intimated the recordings by using her own voice and sent her own voice with the forged recordings to an expert in order to get a expert statement on her favour. She did this BY USING MY LAPTOP while I am away. She did successfully obtain the statement and submitted to the court. She did not submit the forged recordings to the court though. The court now only has the expert statement.

I have no idea how and why she did that. It is a completely wrong thing and breached the immigration rules again. I already told her to pack up and be ready to leave the country at anytime. What she did is not something I can tolerate, I even concerned if there is anything she did not tell me which will bring me trouble. But she needs to wait until her baby get its passport.

Now I would to know what result it will lead to?

Is she facing any imprisonment if the HO/court find out what she did?
What if she withdraw the appeal, can the HO/court still chasing her for this?
Am I gonna be in trouble because she used my laptop when doing the doggy stuff?

Thank you!

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Re: Help. False document submitted to the court

Postby immoman » Fri Feb 17, 2017 4:07 pm

Hi Tanya

Very foolish thing to do, deceiving not only the Home Office but the Court..
If the court finds out that deception was used to gain an advantage to her current case then her case for appeal would just get thrown out. HO may even impose an application ban due to deception being used.

Withdrawing the case would just result in the HO winning anyway and still may impose a ban.

I do not believe this is a criminal thus, I think your safe.

Sorry, if I have made an error in opinion somewhere please feel free to correct me.
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