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Multiple Posts will be locked/ deleted

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Multiple Posts will be merged / locked / deleted

Post by Kayalami » Thu Nov 03, 2005 12:23 pm

The moderators appreciate that members/users have an interest in obtaining information specific to their circumstances but kindly request you to refrain from multiple postings on a single question or topic (related grouping e.g. your naturalisation application, ILR application, etc.) within and/or across forums since this:

1. Creates confusion by cluttering relevant information across multiple sources thus defeating the key objective of the bb which is to share information in an easily accessible manner.

2. Impacts on the 'spirit of fairness' in forum use for our members/ guests.

3. Clutters the database unnecessarily.

Please create and use one topic for your queries regarding a specific topic / immigration application (e.g. - settlement, PBS, naturalisation). This helps people to get a view of your immigration history, details etc. under one topic and helps them to answer your queries better.

The moderators rely on you to use your judgement on this matter but reserve the right to merge, lock and/or delete multiple postings without notification.

If you persist to create new threads despite a warning, you will be banned and your IP blocked.