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My images don't display- what do I do?

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My images don't display- what do I do?

Post by meself2 » Mon Dec 11, 2023 9:10 pm

I often see people trying to put pictures on this forum, but they cannot make them work due to improper understanding of BBcode fuctionanity and links.
This small guide is aimed to prevent that.

To put an image on this forum, you need to:
1) Properly blur all identifiable information. This is a public forum - anyone can see what you post and there's a lot of bad people on the internet. Please take your time to hide all the information that can be used to identify a person, for example, names (even undersigned people at the bottom of your letters), dates of birth, addresses and so on.
2) Upload image on a hosting. There is a variety of image hosting providers, for example; doesn't really matter which one it is. Keep in mind some providers might be geoblocked in different countries.
3) Right click your uploaded image and select "Copy image address".


4) Click on the picture icon in the toolbar to get an img tag and paste your link there (right click and click "Paste").
Your link should end in a three letter extension! For example, .jpg, .png or similar. Example:

Code: Select all

If your image URL is something like C:\Users\User\Documents\img000.jpg or similar, you did not upload your image online. Go to step 2.

Keep in mind that images take a large portion of the screen - it might be easier to hide them under a spoiler. To do that, click an image with a yellow triangle. Example:
► Show Spoiler

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Not a qualified immigration adviser. Use links and references given to gain confirmation and/or extra information.

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