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Post-Brexit points-based immigration system

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Post-Brexit points-based immigration system

Post by secret.simon » Wed Feb 19, 2020 1:14 pm

The UK's points-based immigration system: policy statement

It is closer to a current Tier 2 visa than a former Tier 1 General visa, as it still requires sponsorship by a licensed company/organisation.

23. In addition, we will continue our generous visitor provisions, but with simplified rules and guidance. We expect to treat EU citizens as non-visa nationals meaning they can come to the UK as visitors for six months without the need to obtain a visa. We will also unilaterally allow EU citizens to continue to use e-gates, but we will keep this policy under review. There will be no change to the arrangements for the Common Travel Area.


25. We will not be creating a dedicated route for self-employed people. We recognise that there are several professions where there is a heavy reliance on freelance workers. They will continue to be able to enter the UK under the innovator route and will in due course be able to benefit from the proposed unsponsored route. The UK already attracts world class artists, entertainers and musicians and we will continue to do so in the future. The UK’s existing rules permit artists, entertainers and musicians to perform at events and take part in competitions and auditions for up to six months. They can receive payment for appearances at certain festivals or for up to a month for a specific engagement, without the need for formal sponsorship or a work visa.
Also see this very informative thread on Twitter.
1. English-speaking becomes central to recruitment of foreign workers at any salary (ie from £20K up). So key pressure point / boundary is “what standard English” and “who decides?”

Big boost to the English-teaching & examining market.
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