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READ ME : Private Messages (PM) functionality

Read me first before posting anywhere!

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READ ME : Private Messages (PM) functionality

Post by geriatrix » Sun Dec 27, 2015 5:59 pm

1. No new member can use Private Messages facility until the member has made 30 posts (Refrain from making frivolous posts to increase post count to 30. Anyone resorting to this may have his PM functionality permanently disabled or forum membership revoked).

2. Any Private Message you send will remain in the "outbox" until the receipient opens it. When the receipient does so, your message will automatically move from "outbox" to "sent". If your message remains in the "outbox", it simply means that the receipient has not opened the message.

a) Members are reminded that use of the Board PM feature is a privilege.

b) There is no guarantee of message delivery.

c) Violations or abuse of Board policies and/or the PM service may lead to PM access being withdrawn.

d) Access to and use of the PM service may be withdrawn without notice, either for all users or for a specific user.
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