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Terms & Conditions

Post by Administrator » Mon Feb 23, 2004 3:34 pm

This discussion board must not be used for advertising, to complain, or to insult other people in any way. The discussion is limited to immigration, visa and work permit related issues for a number of different Countries around the World. If the discussion board is abused in any way, we may track your IP address, and report you to your local internet service provider. We also reserve the right to take further action as appropriate.

This discussion forum is provided as a free service for visitors to our web-site. Any postings submitted to this forum can be accessed by anyone who visits our site. It should be stressed that does not control the postings on the message board and cannot be held accountable for the accuracy or otherwise of any messages posted.

Advice given by our consultants, lawyers, moderators and users on the message board can only be considered as general advice, and should not be relied on for any particular course of action. accepts no liability whatsoever for any messages posted on the message board.

Basic Rules for Members (and all other users):
  1. No negative comments about someone's nationality, race or religion.
  2. No advertising of commercial web-sites or social media links.
  3. There can be no 'discussion' or 'advice' regarding how to engage in illegal activities (such as but not limited to: how to illegally acquire copyrighted material, work permits, visas, passports or other documents), and no links to websites providing such information.
  4. No use of rude or inappropriate language. One must always treat fellow posters with respect.
  5. For your own safety, there should be no public posting of any personal contact information or social media links.
  6. Invitations to make direct personal contact are not permitted.
  7. No irritating posting styles, including use of all caps, excessive punctuation and unnecessary bunch of mood icons is allowed.
  8. You may discuss your personal experiences with various services, but you may NOT name them.
  9. The language of this board is English, and any posts not in English are liable to be deleted without notice.
  10. No invitations for financial/business partners are permitted (for any reason).
  11. Attempts to solicit financial partners to circumvent immigration law will not be tolerated
  12. Posts will not be deleted from the forum keeps rights to ban any user, who will not follow these rules, and to edit/delete any inappropriate post without any warning.

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