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use of "bots" (AKA - autosubmitters)

Read me first before posting anywhere!

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use of "bots" (AKA - autosubmitters)

Post by Administrator » Mon Nov 27, 2006 12:37 pm


Hi folks.

Use of autosubmission software to generate accounts or to make posts is forbidden. No arguments.

Members will be summarily banned who use such methods here.

Please don't try to be cute about it and try to use something you think might not fall in this category.

� You may personally sign up for an account (one account and one account only per person).

� You may make your own posts, personally and manually.

� You may NOT use ANY SORT OF AUTOMATIC SOFTWARE for posting or signing up for an account.

One example of forbidden software/methodology here :

http: // w ww. botmaster. net/ more1/

It is only one example to give you an idea; while this specific software is certainly banned, ANYTHING that operates even remotely in a similar fashion is included in this policy.

Thank you for listening,

The Admin

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