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Absent father with parental responsibility

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Absent father with parental responsibility

Post by Alice1272 » Sun Nov 22, 2020 8:27 am

I am seeking advice and I will try to be as brief as possible.
My husband has been offered a job on a 482 visa in Australia.
Myself and my 15 year old son (my husbands stepson) will be included in the move from uk to Australia.
The problem i anticipate is that my sons father left the family home 7 years ago and never came back. I have no idea where he is and i have been informed by the child maintenance service that he has changed his name.
If the visa for my son requests those with parental responsibility to sign, this will not be possible.
Can anyone provide a solution to this problem and / or advise the likely outcome to this situation, obviously we do not want to lose this amazing opportunity due to this issue.

Kind regards

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Re: Absent father with parental responsibility

Post by Zerubbabel » Mon Nov 23, 2020 9:59 am

Hello Alice

This situation has been left to rot for too long and a solution needs to be found.

For immigration purposes, if they ask for a signature from the father, you won't be able to talk your way out of it by telling them your story.

You probably need to see a solicitor specialised in family law/affairs to see what are your options. It could be something around the lines of raising a case so a judge can give you sole custody. I would start that asap as these matters take time and you might not be ready by the time immigration officials ask for the father.