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History of illegally stay

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Hong Kong

History of illegally stay

Post by Arushkorcari » Sat Nov 24, 2018 3:03 pm

Hi guys,

A very complicated situation.
I’m from Hong Kong and I met my boyfriend 4 years ago when I studied in UK. He is from Albania and is illegal in UK. However, He works with an NI number with his name pay tax and so. He has never been caught and has a clear criminal record
I went back to hk 3 years ago and started working. since we keep a long distance relationship
I am planning to get visa 190 and sponsor him. We plan to get marry in Hong Kong.

However the problem is:
1. Should we tell the aus gov about his illegal stay ?
2.another thing is he will have to get criminal record in UK and submit his Albanian passport. He is worried that the UK will find out his status
3. Or we can just keep his stay in uk silent?

Please helpppp

Thank you so much