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Visa transfer to new country passport

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Visa transfer to new country passport

Post by tot » Mon May 22, 2017 11:50 am


I have been offered a job in NZ and I am expected to be there in August(in 2 months and 20 days). I currently hold Indian passport with UK ILR, however have also applied for British Citizenship and Passport via NCS in UK(on 5th May). Now I am expecting to get my citizenship oath taken and receive British passport in next 2 months max(by end of July.)

My question is because the company cannot wait for my British passport to arrive and then start the travel process :

1. Can I get a labelled/non labelled work VISA work on my Indian passport. Then hopefully receive my British Citizenship and Passport before I fly. Use only Indian Passport(after giving up Indian citizenship passport is valid for 90days for Travel, right?) to travel to NZ, but carry British with me as well.

Then after arrival to NZ contact NZ immigration and get the valid Visa from Indian Passport transferred to the British Passport and then fly back to UK after I finish my contract.

2. And yes so basically can a NZ visa be transferred to the same persons(NO name change) different nationality passport within NZ?

Would appreciate any speedy reply as need to revert back to the company hiring. Thanks!!!

Hope all of the above sounds less confusing!

Thanks in advance,