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What happens in the future for other applications if I’ve had a work visa denied?

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What happens in the future for other applications if I’ve had a work visa denied?

Post by GeckoGecko » Tue Sep 03, 2019 5:57 pm

Hi there,

I’ve have just had the results of a ‘work exchange’ visa application back from New Zealand and it was denied. The reason they gave was because they said I needed a police check which is very frustrating as I went through a visa company who advised me not to send one as I’d be there no more than 12 months.

My concern now is what happens in the future if I apply for work visas for any other country? (Or indeed for New Zealand again). I know that often in visa applications and even visitor entry visas they say ‘have you ever had a visa denied’?. Will I have to declare this every time I go to a country or make a visa application and will it stop me from being allowed entry to the country or getting work visas in the future?

I am hoping to apply for a work visa for Canada in a few years once I get some more experience in my field of work. I also like to visit the USA a fair bit.

I feel the company has cheated me and am very concerned it has affected my future chances.

Is there a way to appeal and how long does the visa denial last on my records? Will I have to declare it for the rest of my life?

Many thanks