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Good character requirements (query) ?

A section for posts relating to applications for Naturalisation or Registration as a British Citizen. Naturalisation

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Good character requirements (query) ?

Post by moa060 » Sun Nov 11, 2018 12:01 am

Me and my siblings were ready to apply for naturalisation as I complete my 6 years DLR+12 months ILR in a week, till I started reading a bit more into the good character requirements. I was under the impression they would only look back to the beginning of the DLR, as legal stay. But I am confused now. :?

A little background.

-Came to UK aged 17 and under, March 2004. Visit Visa. Legal entry.
-Applied to be added to Mother's (asylum) immigration case via solicitor/adviser. Apparently done. Years later found out that was not the case. Either solicitor or HO did us dirty. Never got to the bottom of it.

-I was working during this time to support myself since 2008. HO did not know.
-My siblings have never worked till after they got DLR.

-Fast Forward 2010. Mother randomly receives ILR (she's British now), no mention of children.
-Mother contacts HO, HO say children were never added to the application and the decision is only for her.
-She panics, we decide to apply for asylum. Which apparently means we over stayed our visitor visas for 6 years ?
-Ho refuses Asylum, we appeal. Win appeal, as judge agrees HO knew about kids. Article 8. Family life.
-3yr DLR granted outside immigration rules. April 2011, renewed 2014 and ILR 2017.

Now as I see it, there is grounds for refusal on two points. For me specially as I was working in 2008 as they check 10 year history I believe which would cause a breach in immigration? 9.7

Secondly the overstaying part from 2004 to 2010 when we applied for asylum. Another immigration breach ?

So am I correct in assuming that it is pointless applying before 2021 for naturalisation as it will be refused on the good character grounds because of either overstaying or working illegally ?

Would appreciate any answers. Thanks.

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