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Ndrs + Jcap - Checklist & Procedure steps

A section for posts relating to applications for Naturalisation or Registration as a British Citizen. Naturalisation

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Ndrs + Jcap - Checklist & Procedure steps

Post by hamzababy » Sun Aug 12, 2018 11:09 am

i have an ilr premium appointment on 28th august . booked ndrs&jcap appointment with council on 10th sept ( partnet of a bc ) and particularly doing this as all documents will be ready for ilr so will just forward them onto home office again ( as im aware , no need for the documents to be within 28 days policy for naturalisation)

pls help me understand the procedure better as i am not using any solicitor , so far reading the thread i understand as follows

a. book an apppointment wih council ( 10th sept )
b. apply online and pay fees online ( once i get ilr biometric in post so i can fill form )
c. do biometrics at post office

“ take supporting docs to appointment “

1. my passport , two passport size pics , biometric card
2. bc spouse passport
3. marriage certificate
4. p60 of last year and whatever payslips i can find of previous employers
5. disclose my one FPN ( in the blank page )
6. referee forms
7. liuk + trinity college certificate

i hope thats all ?

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Re: Ndrs + Jcap - Checklist & Procedure steps

Post by a1d » Sun Aug 12, 2018 4:37 pm


Did they specifically ask for number 4 on your list? I have an appointment next week and that was not on my list of docs required?


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Re: Ndrs + Jcap - Checklist & Procedure steps

Post by UK_Tier1 » Sun Aug 12, 2018 5:20 pm

You do not need item 4 on your list.

Also, when you fill the application on-line, at the end HO will tell you the document you MUST provide as part of your supporting documents. A check list documents will be provided.

Other documents you may include with your application are those documents that would help support the answers you gave in any of the questions like FPN + receipt of any penalty fine paid, CCJ judgements.

If you did your degree in the UK, then I suggest you include this, (that was what I did with my application and the person at the NDRS also said I should include it).

These were check-list documents I submitted in support of my application and was granted last BC month. Hope it will be of help to you in your application.


1. My Passport

Other documents:

2. Life in the UK Test
3. Proof of living in the UK - UK driving licence + BRP
4. Proof of freedom from immigration - Biometric Residence Permit with ILR
5. Two referee declarations
6. Evidence of identity - Passport + BRP
7. Current BRP

In addition, I provided the following documents:
1. A print out of my driving licence information summary history from DVLA as proof of zero driving penalty points.
2. UK Degree certification and statements of results
3. Schedule of Absences - (not necessary- but I took the excel spreadsheet used for my ILR schedule of Absences, which shows all my absences, and it calculates the total number of absences for the period and I included a statement of attestation and also signed it at the bottom). I thought this would help them to figure things out and avoid any mistake on their part when they count my absences due to tons of business trips I made in the period.

Hope your ILR goes well and also wish you all the best with your BC application.

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Re: Ndrs + Jcap - Checklist & Procedure steps

Post by hamzababy » Mon Aug 13, 2018 2:44 am

Thanks ... :)