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Problem with payment address

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Problem with payment address

Post by 6pandn21 » Tue Jun 11, 2013 9:42 pm

Hello everyone,

A relative of mine made an application for Citizenship along with his wife and son. The total fee was 2052. He sent two card details for payment. One was approved and the other was not. So for the remaining 1,000.00 GBP; he was asked to send it by 14 days on the acknowledgement letter. The letter came on 14.05.2013 and the money was sent on 20.05.2013 in a first class post. It was received on 23.05.2013.

Now after waiting for the 14 days when he heard back nothing and most of off all, no money was taken from his account he sent the second time. So he tried contacting them through phone but he just got the automated response. E-mail also got an automated response. Now the problem looks like the address he posted on. The address he posted the payment details the second time was as follows:

UK Border Agency
North West Region
Nationality Team
PO Box 306
L2 0QN

This was the address he got the letter and he was not specified any other address to send to. But it looks like it is not the correct address.

So at the moment, he has not got any notification about the state of the application, nor has the money been taken from the account. So is it best to just wait it out for now or is there other avenues?

And in case the payment details went to the wrong department within the home office, is there any chance they will forward it to the correct department?

Also in case his application is rejected due to this, when he re-applies, will he have to pay the full 2052 GBP again?

Any information would be very helpful. Thank you.

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Re: Problem with payment address

Post by Jambo » Tue Jun 11, 2013 10:29 pm

6pandn21 wrote:But it looks like it is not the correct address.
Why are you saying that? Looks the correct address to me.

He could try email them but I suspect it is just a matter of waiting a few more days.

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Post by 6pandn21 » Wed Jun 12, 2013 6:48 pm

Hi Jambo,

Thanks for your reply. The only reason he is so worried is because he has not heard anything from them yet and it has been about 20 days since the post has been received.

E-mailing just got us an automated message with some generic information.