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Guide On How To Settle Down In Canada After Reaching There

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Guide On How To Settle Down In Canada After Reaching There

Post by alonelylearner » Fri Apr 05, 2019 2:06 pm

Students who have got the Canada study Visa successfully must be planning to be move there as soon as they can. But one question which arises in everybody mind is how they can settle theirs? There are some things which have to keep in mind to make yourself comfortable in the new environment. To make this process a little bit easy you should follow some steps as you reach Canada.

• Search for Apartment
First thing, which you should do as you reach Canada is to find a place to live in. no doubt, if you have relatives then it makes everything little bit easy. But students who are going there for the first time and alone have to find a place to live in. You can look for PG, apartment or hostel. Make sure you find a place which is in your budget.

• Get Information about transport services
Another thing which is equally important is finding the right mode of transportation. For the first week, it will take some time to understand everything but don’t lose patience. You can take help or ask people where you are staying. People living there can guide you better. There is a different mode of transportation such as trams, metros, and uber. Finding the best mode of transportation will help you reach your university, college, job on time.

• Open your bank account
Some students get their account opened even before going there. No worries, you can get an account opened after reaching Canada also. This way you can save your money for future use. Make sure you carry all the documents along with you so that you can get the account opened in the first week only. It is better if you locate a bank which is nearby where you are living.

• Register yourself in University
If you have visited just before your session is about to start then make sure you get yourself registered in the university or college you have selected. With this, you will get a Student ID and you can get the benefit from student discounts as well. Moreover, this will help you to get a discount on public transportation.

• Get information about student lifestyle
Moving to a new place means the culture and environment will be different. You should understand the working environment as well as student life. This journey will definitely teach you many new things every day. In addition to this, you can do your work more easily and effectively. You should not be worried as people there are very helpful and also the teachers at university and college will also guide you properly.

• Search for part-time job
Students who are interested in doing part-time job definitely have many options. This way you can also utilize your free time in a better way. You can handle your expenses on your own such as paying your rent, transportation cost, buying food, and other small things.

• Plan your time table
By now you must have settled in your new apartment comfortably. After this, plan everything like your study time, at what time you have to leave for university, your job timing and other things. It is important that you manage your time in the best possible way.

After completion of your study, you must join the IELTS center either in India or Canada in order to get PR.

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