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Help! Question about IEC application

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Help! Question about IEC application

Post by mastermullen » Mon Feb 26, 2018 5:12 pm

Hi, I only have 3 days left to submit my application so please could somebody help me with this.

I am applying for the IEC (two year travel and work permit for Canada) As a 14 year old I was taken in by the police for possession of a small amount of marijuana - at the time I did not remember this as an official arrest or reprimand. I thought I was just told off informally and released. Last year I obtained an ETA and declared on the form for the ETA that I had never been arrested or cautioned, then I visited Canada as a tourist multiple times since then.

After getting my Police Certificate for the IEC form I have realized it says 'No live Trace' and after speaking to the authorities I have worked out that I most likely was arrested at the time and given a formal reprimand that has stayed on my record. My Subject Access data is on its way now so i will know for sure.

I have explained all this thoroughly in my Letter of Explanation attached to my IEC application. However I am worried that I will be accused of misrepresentation (it says if i misrepresented myself without realizing that I am doing so it should still lead to the rejection of my application) and that could result in rejection or even a future ban from the country. I am extremely worried about this as my girlfriend lives over there and this is a big deal for us.

The event occurred when I was a child and I never gave it much thought after, and I simply misremembered it. I am being honest and open as I can in the application now. If I submit, does anyone have any idea if I may still be accepted? Or am I now doomed because of my previous ETA application? Do they always compare the two?

Please help.

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