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I am a permanent resident, how can I bring my girlfriend?

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I am a permanent resident, how can I bring my girlfriend?

Post by victorA » Sat Sep 26, 2015 2:01 pm


I'm Victor, my family and I are permanent residents of Canada. For the moment, I'm still in Belgium to finish my physiotherapy degree, in June/July I will move to Canada.

I have had a girlfriend for over 4 years, and we plan on building a future together. It is, however, not easy to find out which is the best way to bring her to Canada.

She has graduated from a university level physiotherapy education in Belgium. (we are preparing to have her credentials assessed, so that her degree would be useable in Canada)
We haven't really lived together in those 4 years as a couple. We are roommates in University, but that's not our official home. So I don't know whether we could qualify as 'Common-Law'-partners.

My question: Does anybody know the best way to make sure she can come live with me in Canada?

I had some ideas myself, but I don't know if they're possible:
- Get a work permit for a year, but she has no work experience, as she is currently doing an extra degree. During this year we could live together and thus qualify as common-law partners, so I can sponsor her.
- ...

I hope someone can offer some help or insight. It would be appreciated an awful lot!

Thank you so much already!

Kind Regards,