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My situation/how can I stay in Canada??

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My situation/how can I stay in Canada??

Post by kaitlyn76 » Mon Mar 14, 2016 5:22 am

Hi all
I am 16. When I'm 18 or whenever I can I would like to study in Canada. I'm from Australia. I would like to study midwifery which would get me a bachelor of health sciences in midwifery. WOULD I be able to get a job in Canada if I actually got accepted to a Canadian college and completed this 4 year course? and Would I be able to stay in Canada after I finish it?
I am currently starting my assistant in nursing course (cert 3) and I'm starting a early childhood education course (cert 3) in may. I really really hope that Canadian college recognize and care about them qualifications. because they are expensive!!
I could do them courses and then apply to a Canadian college, or I could do an enrolled nursing course which would make me an LPN as it's called over there- if that would give me a better chance? I think then I might be able to work while at college? I don't know!

this is where it get's sticky
I have 3 pets and I LOVE them and are very attached to them. I thought I might be able to bring them with me to Canada. they're all small animals- 2 small dogs and a cat. I don't think it will be THAT hard to get them into Canada because Australia is a rabies free country. But if I were to bring them I would obviously not be able to live on campus and I would have to find somebody to live with or get my own place which would require a source of income!!! So I don't know what to do about that.. It's a 4 year course and they would forget who I am if I didn't bring them! But I really really want to study abroad!!

By the way the college that I like the most so far is McMaster University

any help appreciated :D