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Need advise please

About immigration to Canada, canadian immigration programms.
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Need advise please

Post by woolies » Wed Feb 03, 2016 5:47 pm

Hello Fellow members,

Hope you all well, I planning to move to Canada but i have searching for answers on different forums and recently i have heard that some rules have changed so I want to write fresh question here.

I am a Uk national and wanting to move to Canada as my many relatives lives there and i believe life is much better there.
I have been in contact with an agent in Canada who said i have two options, 1. apply in express entry and 2. apply for SINP program.

they were asking nearly 4000 us dollors for SINP and 2500 US dollors for express entry, and services they were offering were just advising on different things.

Can someone please answer following questions:

1. Where i can find out what program is good for me I.e express entry or SINP ? (recently heard that there are no more spaces left on SINP)
2. Does it matter which province or territory should i choose.
3. Do you think paying above amount will worth it or i can apply myself by seeking information here or on different forums ?
4. as per new rules do i have to first secure my job there in Canada or i can be given immigration based on my qualifications/experience.

I am really naive for Canadian immigration process so please advise as much as you can.

I would be really thankful.


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Re: Need advise please

Post by RRibas » Tue Feb 16, 2016 2:49 pm

Hi woolies, the SINP is for the Saskatchewan province, which means you would have to work in that province. The Express Entry is for the whole country and the required points to be accepted in the last round was 459.

As far as I know, if you have enough patience, you can find all the information online and apply by yourself, which would save some bucks. I advise you to go through the cic website for more information.