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Unauthorized Work Question.

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Unauthorized Work Question.

Post by mwrowell » Thu Aug 22, 2019 12:46 am

Hi there,

I landed in June 2018 on an United Kingdom IEC permit. I did not realize i hadn't removed my medical conditions 'can not work with children' and worked with them from Sep 2018-Jan 2019 and at which point i sent a paper application to remove those conditions.

This was approved however i am worrying whether i ticked the wrong box under 'have you worked without authorization' and cannot check obviously because it was a paper application/ they haven't updated my online profile. This is because after reading online, my application would have been approved even if i had ticked the 'yes' box.

I will have worked a full year of authorized work as a Special Educational Teacher as of Feb 2020 and was considering applying for PR under the CEC program. Plus i will 100% declare that i worked unauthorized Sep 2018- Jan 2019.

Will I be charged with 'misrepresentation' when applying for PR if they look through previous work permit applications or will i be ok because it was a paper application/i was approved/i will be honest about my unauthorized work when i apply?


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