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URGENT!---Post Graduation Work Permit ONLY ONE YEAR!

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Vivian Fung
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URGENT!---Post Graduation Work Permit ONLY ONE YEAR!

Post by Vivian Fung » Mon Aug 10, 2015 6:33 am

I finished my Master in Canada and received my degree in May 2015. I submitted my online application for Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) in late May. Because my study permit would expire in late July, I went to the border in Mid July, trying to get the PGWP before the expiration of my study permit. However, because the document I brought to the border did not specifically indicate the length of my program, the CBSA officer thought the MEng Program I attended was a one-year program and only gave me one-year work permit. The program is a 30 credits program, with length of 12-16 mths from the official website. It’s not a two year program, but almost all classmates I knew who attended the same program got three-year work permit. I took three study terms to get the 30 credits; besides, I attended the optional 8 mths Co-op program. Right now I have more than 40 credits on my transcript. I am trying to send the inquiry to CIC Case Processing Centre right now. Below are my questions. Thanks so much if you guys know any answers or solutions!

1) In my inquiry to CIC, can I argue that the Co-op program can be regarded as part of the program (it’s optional actually), but because I attended it, so my program can be considered to be a combination of the MEng and Co-op program.
2) Because I want to apply for PR but holding a one year work permit is really hard for me to accumulate one year experience, to apply for CEC. Is there anything else I can do to alleviate the situation?

Thanks a million!!