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Lifting NRPF after change of circumstances

Questions and discussions about claiming benefits while living and working in the UK

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Lifting NRPF after change of circumstances

Post by ElenaKasaj » Fri May 19, 2023 3:26 pm

I would appreciate any advice on my situation.
I am currently on 10-year partner route with NRPF. We have 4 children, all of them have British passport.
Unfortunately, my partner is on remand in prison. He is there since 22nd December 2022. I am left alone with kids, we have no other family in the UK. Elder kids are 9 and 7, younger- 3 years, and 11 months old. I am self-employed, but my work was massively affected by war between Russia and Ukraine. I am left with little to non income. I cannot afford childcare in order to go to any work in person.
Recently, I was hired by one big company as remote interpreter, but due to having kids around I am able to work maximum 3-4 hours a day when younger kids are napping. I am in real struggle. In my current situation I can make up to 370 GBP per week there. And that is all income for a family of 5.
As well I am on big dose of antidepressants due to worsening of my OCD.
I applied for NRPF to be lifted on 3rd of May 2023 and sent all documents to the HO.
Any thoughts on outcome and how long it might take?


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Re: Lifting NRPF after change of circumstances

Post by Amber » Fri May 19, 2023 6:47 pm

If you involve your local MP and explain you are in hardship/destitution or face it then your local MP should help expedite the application for a decision within 4 weeks. Assuming that the Home Office have all the documents and information to make a decision. Send local MP a letter from your GP stating mental health is being made worse and get local MP to forward that to the Home Office with an expedited application request.
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