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FBR thread post deletions - Mod help sought

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FBR thread post deletions - Mod help sought

Post by Sulla » Sun Jun 02, 2019 11:20 am

Hi there,

Can one of the moderators please explain the deletion of multiple posts from the Foreign Birth Registration thread in the Ireland forum? Two of my own posts were deleted in this instance (over the last 2-3 days) along with those of others. Several weeks ago the thread was temporarily shut down because one member disagrees (usually through personal attacks) with opinions I have expressed about the performance of the department handling FBR applications. At that juncture, a rule update was posted by a moderator.

I have read the rules quite thoroughly and retained copies of all posts made. I cannot see how my posts crossed the line. I have never included personal attacks against other forum members in any post. I deplore such behavior. Making remarks about the efficiency and customer service attitude of the department handling FBR applications is reasonable, as it has a direct bearing on the experience of all applicants. It cannot legitimately be construed as off topic. The fact that one other person may disagree vehemently and vocally with what I have to say is not a reason to remove my posts. If the individual in question wishes to refute me, let him - hopefully without the need for him to resort to attacking me personally rather than my stance.

On a connected point, I did have one post deleted from page 21 which I confess was political. However, it was made in response to two other posts on page 20 (one by a moderator Obie) which were equally or more political in nature. Why was my post deleted and not those of other participants? Obie has an extremely political footnote statement on every post he makes. I'm not complaining about him. It so happens I largely share his views. However, surely there must be a consistent set of rules that pertain to and are applied to everyone equally.

I would appreciate any light that any of you can shed on either of these points. Thank you for the work that you do to keep the forum going.