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Naturalisation processing timeline and petitions

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Naturalisation processing timeline and petitions

Post by Salsero_007 » Sun Feb 14, 2021 4:51 pm

Dear admins,
I have a couple of suggestions.

I would suggest requesting the following data to be posted in the timelines of UK naturalisation application processing.
1. Immigration Route
2. Initial application date and method [post/internet]
3. Biometric submission date and method [in person/IDV]
4. Approval date [post/email]; decision date
5. Ceremony invitation date AND place
6. Actual ceremony date

For the analysis purposes it would be helpful to ask NOT to post anything unless application is approved as the thread becomes cluttered.
I have done the analysis predicting that the current average (as well as median) processing timeline is 79 days from application till approval, and 133 +- 9 days till the actual ceremony; this is if applications from October 2020 are considered. If earlier ones (from March-April) are included, it would be 84 and 180 days correspondingly.
The other suggestion would be to have a "current petitions" thread which would allow easier coordination of petitions to ameliorate the immigration rules; with an option to message the immigration board members of any such petitions as they are likely to support such petitions.

E.g. there is a petition running right now which might be of interest to many naturalised Britons - and I can't see where it could be posted
Best wishes,