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EEA4 or 10 years rule

Use this section for queries concerning applications on any of the EEA series of forms, and also for applications for EEA Family Permits.

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EEA4 or 10 years rule

Post by siddiqr » Sun Jul 25, 2010 9:17 am

Hi - I've been married to my norwegian wife for 3 years now and we both are in full time jobs. I have been in UK since sep 2001 lawfully. My job could change and i could be asked to travel outsude EU (hopefully not )... i know visa processes everytime will be a nightmare.

I will qualify for EEA4 in Jun 12 but would have been in UK for 10 years in sep 2011. Given how long EEA4 applications take, i am tempted to apply for permanent residency under 10 years rule. It could potentially save me 12/18 months if agreed.

Any suggestions or experiences shared will be appreciated.

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Post by troubled » Sun Jul 25, 2010 6:02 pm

The choice is yours nowadays EEA4 takes 6 months to be processed .HO has improved dramatically in this aspect,As for 10 -year long residence rule there is no time limit to it as when to issue it and i wonder if the new government will maintain that process comes next year july when new bills on capping immigrants are introduced.