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My experience: Traveling while waiting for PR

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My experience: Traveling while waiting for PR

Post by luhpaoli » Mon Jun 11, 2018 7:46 am

Hi All,
I hope I can share my experience traveling while waiting for PR. I was very apprehensive, but everything turned out just fine!
We used the European passport return so we already had our passports with us, but marriage certificate and translation were with HO, so I printed a copy of it and my husband job contract, some proof of him exercising the treaty right and the COA letter.
I traveled with my husband, and when we arrived back in the UK, I've waited for the officer to ask what was the reason for our trip to UK, I explained that we already live in London, but I was waiting for my PR result and didn't have any visa with me for that reason, he asked if I could prove it and I showed him the COA letter. He only said for me to always bring this letter with me when traveling and that was it! He didn't stamp my passport or asked any question relating to our marriage.
I suppose if I was traveling alone he would have asked a whole lot more questions.

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Re: My experience: Traveling while waiting for PR

Post by DFDS. » Mon Jun 11, 2018 8:01 pm

I believe there has been some kind of caution towards the so called HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT towards immigrants as a result of the public outcry since the windrush Scandal.
Relax! and this too shall pass, secrets are like seasons, they change.