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Help Need Tier 4 Student Visa to 10 Year Long Residency - ILR

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Help Need Tier 4 Student Visa to 10 Year Long Residency - ILR

Post by shanith » Sun Mar 03, 2019 2:35 pm

Eligibility to Apply ILR for Someone Who Lives in the UK With Student Visa

Someone who lives lawfully in the UK for ten years wants to apply for 10 Years Long Residency. This person has continually lived in the UK for different visa categories such as Tier 4 Student, Tier 1 Post Study, T2 Work visa. However, the last leave to remain visa was granted under the Tier 4 student visa category and he/she will complete his ten years including the current student visa.
Could you please let us know that person still eligible to apply for ILR - 10 Years Long Residence?
Can his/her dependent apply for the dependent visa with the main applicant who is a student and completed the course but he/she does not have a permanent job in the UK yet?