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Info regarding C++ opening

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Info regarding C++ opening

Post by saikrishna » Tue Jul 14, 2009 7:38 pm

Hi ,
I came 2 months back on HSMP to UK .Till now i have attended only 1 interview.After this no more calls for interviews.
Can anybody share the info how is the opening c++ telecom industry.
I thought of going back to India next month as it seems now conditions are "fishing in desert ".
Is it really interviews are happening here or simply fake adds??
Any valuable info is appreciated.

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Post by ghulbhai » Wed Jul 15, 2009 2:15 pm

I dont know if you were reading the posts at all in this website earlier. I am surprised by your question as if its new news that C++ market is dead. Its been dead since the last year - the truth.

Pl. dont believe if someone says that there is a market and that talented people get it blah blah. I'd say what they mean partly is that previous UK experience of a few years.

I'd suggest dont waste your time. Come back to India. Just like I have done. Find work here and plan for a visit after may be an year.

I quit my 7 month long painful and useless job search early this year. Came back to Blore and found a position within 3 weeks. Despite a slightly lesser pay, I feel happy being in a job.

Yes - 90% of job ads are all fake. They are just to collect your CV and in case if someone asks for a similar profile that time they dont have to search the market. SO they will collect and keep.

If you still have a job in India, come back and do it. Dont waste time and money anymore.

Its upto you anyway to take this in the right sense or not.