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Job Opportunity for Charted Accountants & Teachers

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Job Opportunity for Charted Accountants & Teachers

Post by kumar84 » Fri Aug 14, 2020 5:19 pm

Dear Members,

Posting on behalf of a friend

My friend who is a Charted Accountant is looking for Job opportunity in the UK. Is India's CA qualification valid here?

Also how about teaching opportunity. HIs wife is a teacher in a reputed International school. does she have any opportunity as a teacher.

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Job Opportunity for Charted Accountants & Teachers

Post by Zerubbabel » Tue Aug 18, 2020 10:29 am

Hello Kumar

To come to work in the UK, they need a Tier 2 visa. For that, they need to find a sponsor with a Tier 2 license.

As mater of rule, foreign qualifications are not recognised as is in the UK. In most cases, the person looking for a job needs to get British equivalent of diplomas and certifications. Often this involve some studies, passing exams, joining professional bodies... etc. The first step usually is to go to the professional body of your skill and see what is the process to get a British recognition for whatever paper you hold.

Finding an employer in the UK from abroad is very difficult for most jobs. There are so many regulatory and practical barriers for international hiring. Also, an employer must publish the job locally and demonstrate that there is no local workforce available and therefore international hiring is justified.

I have seen a lot of Tier 2 for highly skilled IT jobs such as experienced programmers/developers, network engineers... Also, for medical professionals, there are opportunities in the UK mainly with the NHS but there is a long and complex process to get foreign qualifications recognised. I have never seen an accountant on Tier 2. The opportunities for a teacher probably depend on what the teach teaches and also the experience and academic education.

If one of them manages to get a Tier 2, the wife or the husband, the other can join as a Tier-2 dependent with full right to work.