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Do I need Spanish visa if I’m spouse of Irish citizen?

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Do I need Spanish visa if I’m spouse of Irish citizen?

Post by slavaK » Tue May 11, 2004 12:26 am

Dear all, please advice us:

I’m spouse of Irish citizen (we married in Ireland), originally I’m non-EU citizen. My husband, Irish, has property and legally lives in Spain as a lot of other Europeans in status of tourist, without any resident permits. As it’s well known, Ireland is member of EU, but not member of Schengen zone.
Thus after paperwork I have to join him in Spain. Month ago officer of Spanish embassy explained us via phone, that I, as spouse of Irish, am equal in status to Irish citizen except election rights, thus I need not Spanish visa. Today we visited Spanish embassy in person to check once again this data and were shocked by answer that me, wife of Irish, should apply for Spanish visa and wait for resolution up to 4 weeks!

Please, if anybody knows exact information about these, give us an advice