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Family member of EU citizen dependency proof

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Family member of EU citizen dependency proof

Post by Lastonearth » Wed Feb 16, 2022 2:14 pm

I am spouse of an EU citizen and reside in Netherlands with my wife and we work here here. We came to The Netherlands 19 months ago. I am planning to apply for a facilitation visa for my mother and my brother as dependent family members of spouse of an EU citizen.

My brother and mother live together and my brother is a full time student. My father does not live with them and we have not had any contact with him for years. He does not support the family financially in any way.

I send my mother and brother (19 years old) money every single month and both of them do not have any income or assets. We have proof of regular money transfers to my mother from me of past 16 months and a statement from government institution in their home country stating that they have no income or assets of their own for the past 3 years and their expenses are met through family contributions. Is this enough of a proof to receive this visa and eventually family member of EU citizen residence on the basis of article 2004/38/EC.

Do I need to submit any proof regarding my father? Because my parents are still legally married but in reality my father is absent and we don’t have any contact with him and he has not supported the family financially for years.

Thank you all in advance.