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France Passeport Talent Visa

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France Passeport Talent Visa

Post by Ximon » Fri Jun 07, 2019 4:28 pm

Anyone with experience or knowledge in applying for a passeport talent visa for France? I was originally going to apply for the new French Tech Visa but found out I needed to be resident at an approved incubator/accelerator which would take at least 6 months to apply and be accepted. Then I considered the passeport talent visa for an innovative enterprise but that visa requires a recognition letter from a French public body which will also take a long time to request and receive. So I am now looking at the passeport talent visa for entrepreneurs which requires establishing a French company and investing a minimum capital investment of of €30,000. Anyone else looking at establishing a company in France and get a work/resident permit? The process was supposed to be streamlined but it still seems that there are many snags.

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