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Schengen Visa: No appointments available in the UK + Biometrics validity?

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Schengen Visa: No appointments available in the UK + Biometrics validity?

Post by ShrutiBlue » Sat Jun 25, 2022 6:26 pm

My husband has a Schengen visa (Portugal) expiring on 9th August, biometrics given in April 2022. However, we have a trip planned for Iceland on 30th August which means he needs to apply for another Schengen visa.

The problem is that there are no slots available at all on VFS website for Iceland. We have tried several other countries (on VFS and elsewhere) and either there are no slots available or the earliest slots available are in September!

I also read about the 59 month rule for biometric validity, that if you have submitted biometrics in the last 5 years then you don’t need to do so again. Is this true? And if so, why does every embassy want you to book an appointment?

Is there any embassy in the UK (London) which allows postal applications without the need for submitting biometrics? I seem to remember a friend of mine did so with the German embassy but it seems that’s only valid if you fall under Edinburgh jurisdiction now.

I thought there was a rule that the embassies had to give you an appointment within a certain timeframe, I don’t understand the sudden lack of any slots available!

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas please? We have even looked at Estonia, no slots available at all.

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Re: Schengen Visa: No appointments available in the UK + Biometrics validity?

Post by Zerubbabel » Sun Jun 26, 2022 11:35 am


I give you an experience of a family member dating from this June 2022.

- Yes, the biometrics are valid is done within the last 5 years. You don't need to get them done again BUT this is not going to change much. As you still need an appointment to give them your passport and supporting documents. The only thing that changes is that they won't take your biometrics and won't charge you for it. But the need of appointment remains the same.

- Keep refreshing the appointment page. Sometimes, they either add slots or re-open slots due to cancellations.

- I don't know if it works for holidays, but I know that some people managed to go through an EU consulate or embassy and get an emergency appointment with VFS. It works like that:

1 - Write to the embassy or consulate in London explaining your emergency.
2 - Most often than not, they respond and ask you for proofs of that emergency (such as letter from employer or similar)
3 - If they approve your emergency, they contact VFS on your behalf and ask them to get you an emergency appointment. Sometimes they get you an appointment outside the regular opening hours.

I have seen this working just recently and at least on 2 occasions. But I don't know if a holiday trip would qualify you for that. But keep trying. Don't give up.

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