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Travel to Schengen, without visa, for EEA-family members

Immigration to European countries, don't post UK or Ireland related topics!

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Re: Travel to Schengen, without visa, for EEA-family members

Post by Caravel88 » Sat Apr 21, 2018 12:55 pm

Apply under the ECAA route showing it as if you are both travelling to France together? I am not sure if you will need to show she is a dependant, however. And make it clear in the application "as per the Schengen rules we are applying to France since that's the destination of the stay".
markmccarron wrote:
Wed Apr 04, 2018 10:42 pm
Hi, new to this wondering can I get advice please as I’m getting conflicting reports. Any help would be grateful. I’m Algerian born but living in Northern Ireland, UK and have Irish Citizenship for 20 years now. My question is about for my mother who is Algerian citizen living in Algeria. My mother does not want to seltle in U.K. OR EU. It just about travel.
My mother has been travelling to the U.K. since 1960’s every couple years applying for her usual tourist visa without issue.
She has also been travelling to France for the past 30 years with a visa without issue to visit her sister who has French citizenship. She has never overstayed or stayed more than a few weeks. However this time applying for her usual visa to France to her horror she was refused. She ended up appealing the refusal and was told she wasn’t getting the visa as she was flying into Geneva Switzerland not France on previous trips. Her sister,(my aunt) only lives 9 miles away from Geneva airport In France! My mum is in her late 60’s and her sister is in her 89 in France and In frail health, causing my mum great distress not been able to visit.

What would be my mum best options to take my mum to France. She has a current U.K. visa. Could she travel here to U.K. and I take her to France under eu rules?

Could I travel to Algeria and then take her to France with me?

I don’t think I can do that EEA Family permit thing for her as my northern Irish wife is disabled for the past 3 years and I wouldn’t qualify for sponsoring her now.

I’ll just re-interate my mum doesn’t want to settle EU or U.K.

Apologies if I’ve posted in the wrong place

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Re: Travel to Schengen, without visa, for EEA-family members

Post by Fiona1206 » Wed Oct 10, 2018 4:36 pm

Eu traveling with non Eu both living in Egypt. We wish to move to Germany so applied for 2004/38Ec free movement visa but received tourist visa C type 22 days.
The question is if we go to Germany with this can we either
1 extend the visa while I apply for residency
2 stay without visa as my husband is married to Eu
3 do I have to stay and he goes back to Egypt and applies again ?
Is there a solution to this that can be achieved while we are in Germany 22 days

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Re: IRL or UK to Schengen, without visa, for EEA-family memb

Post by smah » Sun Nov 04, 2018 5:30 pm

ca.funke wrote:
Thu Feb 16, 2012 9:35 am
Hi tonypetty,

so you´re in the following scenario?
  • 2 parents, one on ILR and one on Tier 2
  • 2 children who are British nationals (passport is irrelevant, see >>here<<)
  • 1 child on ILR
I think the 3 non-British of yee will need visas :(

Reason is in
>>2004/38/EC<<, Articles 2 and 3 wrote:Article 2
For the purposes of this Directive:
2. ‘family member’ means:
(d) the dependent direct relatives in the ascending line and
those of the spouse (...);
(=not you, because you´re not dependent on your children, I guess?)

Article 3
2. Without prejudice to any right to free movement and
residence the persons concerned may have in their own right,
the host Member State shall, in accordance with its national
legislation, facilitate entry and residence for the following

(a) any other family members, irrespective of their nationality,
not falling under the definition in point 2 of Article 2 who,
in the country from which they have come, are dependants
or members of the household of the Union citizen having
the primary right of residence(...)


The host Member State shall undertake an extensive examina-
tion of the personal circumstances and shall justify any denial
of entry or residence to these people.
So if at all you should have "entry facilitated", while I guess a visit-visa for you would not be refused anyway.

But then again: My understanding of the law as far as "who is a benificiary" outside of spouses isn´t great. Maybe some else can say something different/better about this?
Hi guys,
Been a while since I have posted but always kept on checking the posts to see if I can be of any use to someone. Been through quite some journey with UK immigration and need some advise from you good people.
So I have been in UK since 2009 and overstayed due to fraud solicitors. Got married October 2017 in UK as per islamic marriage not registered with UK court. I did not inform the Home office as we were trying to get some paperwork. But at least the police got involved and had to go to detention then application , bail , refusal , deportation, I choose to leave voluntarily so I would have 1 year ban and paid for the ticket myself. Came back with my wife( who is English) in the same flight to Bangladesh and got our marriage ceremony done here.Due to all the complication I have decided to take the EU route and need your help badly guys.
I have managed to arrange for work permit for poland. (I can apply for temporary residence permit in Poland after I arrive there)to be confirmed and hope you can help me with that a swell. Now I need help as to how I can get back in UK and settle there.
Please ask any question to give better advise guys
Thanks for your help