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Travel visa to Greece then travel to other countries

Immigration to European countries, don't post UK or Ireland related topics!

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Travel visa to Greece then travel to other countries

Post by Astronomy465 » Wed Jun 01, 2022 12:06 pm

Hi, this is a bit of complex advice that I'm looking for and I didn't know what to use for the title, so bare with me please.

My nationality is Jordanian, but I live in Istanbul and I have residence and I'm a second year student in a Turkish uni. My girlfriend is Finnish and she has visited me in Istanbul twice, and we decided for the third visit I should try to visit her in Finland.

And that plan failed miserably. Despite providing the Finnish embassy proof of residence here, student proof, my bank statement (I do not work and live off of my family's pension, but I have a decent 6k sum of money in my account which I also provided), an invitation letter from both my girlfriend and her mother who works a good paying job at a university in Finland, stating that they will cover ALL expenses of my trip, and providing their 3 month bank statements and residence, and really everything you could think of or advise, my visa was rejected due to "insufficient funds" and "unsure whether I'd return or not". After further research we found out that Finland rejects every "romantic" reasoning visa due to something about Thai people going to Finland to instantly get married, I don't know the details but you can look it up if you're interested.

Anyways, I've been lately thinking of just applying to Greece (right next to Istanbul) for my summer holiday to go tourism there, with a sponsorship letter from my friend in Canada who's very financially strong, and from there visit Finland and spend time with my girlfriend. It doesn't have to be Greece, but you know a Schengen country that's easier to get accepted to than Finland.

My question is do I really have a chance of getting a Schengen visa in any way? It seems really difficult for my nationality, but I have heard of people applying to countries that seem to accept easier than others (ones I've heard of are Greece, Italy, Hungary, etc) and being able to use that Schengen visa to go to other countries they originally planned on visiting. And will my previously rejected visa be taken into consideration? Should I completely lie and not mention anything about going to Finland and just tell them that I want to tour Greece for my summer break?

I need advice to know whether it's even worth trying for or not. I really thought as a student here in my second year with high grades as well it would be easy to visit Europe since I have plenty of reason to return and I'm financially supported, but did I just get unlucky with this whole Finland thing?

Thank you for reading!

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