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document checklist - family visitor - sponsor route

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document checklist - family visitor - sponsor route

Post by wpongal » Mon May 16, 2016 3:22 pm

dear friends

we are applying for the family visitor visa for my in-laws to visit us during the pregnancy.

myself and my wife are sponsoring the entire trip - accomodation / travel / all stated and unstated expenses

we wish to know the list of documents that need to be submitted by my in-laws (in india) given that we are sending a sponsorship letter (signed and in original)

please can you help?

many thanks

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Re: document checklist - family visitor - sponsor route

Post by Prem » Tue May 17, 2016 10:23 am

Here is what I have put in our successful applications for my inlaws visit :

My Docs
Sponsor Letter
Passport Copies including wife and daughter to show yearly trips to India
Bank: 6 Month Current Account Statement with stamps on each page from bank, same for savings account
Employment Letter
Pay rise & bonus letter
Pay Slip 6 months
House Deed
Mortgage Statement
Property Details
Birth Certificates (to show relations to in-laws)
Marriage Certificate
Pregnancy Letter from Doctor showing Due Date
MatB1 Certificate
Scan Appointment Letter
Council Tax
Water Bill
Gas Bill

All Applicants
Document check list showing appointment
Passport Size Photo
Covering Letter
Indian IDs
SU07 Form
Travel Insurance - I took it out in such a way that i would get a refund if the applications failed.

Applicant 1 - Father in Law
Bank Statements, FD Proof, investments
Pension income proof, Interest from investment Proof
Letter from Local Temple stating he is the secretary and has been an active member since 1990
Marriage Certificate

Applicant 2 - Mother in Law
Bank Statement Joint Account
Deed to house/land & Translation

Applicant 3 - Sister in Law
Birth Certificate
Education certificates
Letter (NOC) from current studying institution, showing that they are happy to give her leave and to comeback by August 2016, for exam in December.
Family Tree showing relatives in India/Dubai.

and copies for all the evidence that is being submitted.

Showing strong ties for your family to India, so the ECO is clear that they will go back - This is the key to a successful application in my opinion, and I'm sure everyone on this forum would agree. So i may have gone a bit over the top with the evidence supplied, but I was thorough. Good Luck!
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Re: document checklist - family visitor - sponsor route

Post by wpongal » Tue May 17, 2016 10:55 am

Thanks Prem

Proving "strong ties to india" and "visitors will go back before the end of visa period" is a very tricky subject here

- showcasing property documents
- employment letter
- stating cover letter that they will head back before visa expiry
- proving another daughter to be residing in europe and/or india (as our sister-in-law moves between germany and india)
- strong savings in indian bank

hope this should suffice as my father-in-law has never had a pension based job