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Help Anyone !!

Post by avn1977 » Wed Dec 29, 2004 11:22 am


I did my Post Graduate degree in data comms and networks in the UK after which I was employed for a year by a blue chip on a year long twes. I was made numerous job offers in this one year and when one of the employers whose offer I accepted made my WP application it got rejected saying you cant switch from TWES TO WP, this was in June 2004. I know numerous people who have had their TWES SWITCHED TO WP. I don't know why the Home Office works in just a discretionary manner.
I was then offered the job by the same company in my home country which I again accepted. They now want to send me to the UK for a couple of months to attend a few meetings and some training. They have applied for a multiple entry business visa. What are my chances.
Any advice !!

Cheers guys !!