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ILR Application - I Need Urgent Reply

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ILR Application - I Need Urgent Reply

Post by buddy009 » Sun Nov 28, 2004 5:21 pm

I have made an appointment to apply in person for ILR on 6th December based on 4 year continuous work permit employment. I have just discovered now by reading different cases in this forum that a change in company name may complicate the issue. Let me explain the sitauation:

The company that I am working for has made an acquisition at the beginning of this year and changed its trading name. The current name is a combination of the old name and the name of the company recently acquired. There is no change in company registration number, VAT registration, address or any terms & conditions of trading.
Work Permits UK have not been informed of this change yet.
Should I go ahead and make the ILR application next week, I can easily get a letter from employer informing the Immigration Office about the name change OR Should I get my company to inform Work Permits UK first and then apply for ILR ? I would appreciate your help.