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"Removed from another country?"

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"Removed from another country?"

Post by TGB87 » Sun Mar 12, 2017 4:41 pm

I made an error on my last application for entry clearance while answering whether or not I have ever been removed from another country. I answered no--my 10 year visitor application was approved.

However, now, three years from the date of issue of the entry clearance I have realized that I was in fact "removed" from Canada about 8 months earlier. I used to be a Canadian Permanent resident but on entry, the IO found that I did not meet my residency requirements. I was allowed to enter but given a "departure order" to leave within 30 days. I did leave and have never needed to enter Canada again.

So now what? I still have seven years of entry clearance remaining. I did not mean to deceive anyone. I just had just assumed that a departure order was issued because my PR status had been revoked--and it wasn't a "removal" per se--just a 30 day leave to enter. Do I do anything now? How do I proceed on my next entry clearance (which is very far away of course)?

I know Canada does not share immigration details about its citizens and PRs (which I was when I was "removed"). But I am no longer a permanent resident. Any suggestions for which lawyers I should contact?

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