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Standard Visitor Visa support

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Standard Visitor Visa support

Post by jvijaykannan » Wed Jul 06, 2016 2:00 pm


I'm planning to bring my Parents to UK for 6 months under Standard Visitor Visa, below are my criteria and documents I'm collecting to submit for their visa application.
Please can you help confirm if these documents are strong enough to support their application from a Sponsor perspective and also prove their ties back home.

Father and Mother Visiting us for 6 months, me and my wife are expecting a baby and they are visiting to support us.

Additional details:
- I'm self employed in UK with an ILR
- My dependent is a permanent employee in UK
- My Father was into business but does not continue business any more and no recent IT submissions
- My Mother is a dependent to my Father
- Their only source of income is the monthly funds I send
- My Father has a property and 3Lacs Fixed Deposit
- My Mother has 2.5 Lacs Fixed Deposit

Sponsor Evidence:
1. My Indian passport and Wife's Indian Passport with Visa(Copies)
2. My Last year accounts from the limited company
3. My Last 6 months Invoices
4. 3 months Personal bank account statement
5. 3 months Business bank account statement
6. My Wife's last 6 months pay slip
7. My Last year P60 & My Wife's last year P60
8. Council Tax bill * Tenancy agreement
9. Invitation and Sponsorship letter

Visitor Evidence:
1. My Father an Mother's Indian Passport(Original)
2. My Father's 3 months bank statement
3. My Father's property documents translated in English
4. My Father's Fixed deposit certificates for 3 Lacs
5. My Mother's Fixed deposit Certificares for 2.5 Lacs
6. Aadhar card/ PAN Card /Voter's card
7. Complete application form
8. Visitor Letter

Many Thanks for your help!

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Re: Standard Visitor Visa support

Post by Prem » Wed Jul 06, 2016 4:22 pm

Seems pretty solid, where are your parents applying from in India? Also I wouldn't put down there coming to support you for the birth, say they are coming to celebrate the birth and take part in any ceromonies.

Here is what I have put my in laws application:

My Docs
Sponsor Letter
Passport Copies including wife and daughter to show yearly trips to India
Bank: 6 Month Current Account Statement with stamps on each page from bank, same for savings account
Employment Letter
Pay rise & bonus letter
Pay Slip 6 months
House Deed
Mortgage Statement
Property Details
Birth Certificates (to show relations to in-laws)
Marriage Certificate
Pregnancy Letter from Doctor showing Due Date
MatB1 Certificate
Scan Appointment Letter
Council Tax
Water Bill
Gas Bill

All Applicants
Document check list showing appointment
Passport Size Photo
Covering Letter
Indian IDs
SU07 Form
Medical & travel Insurance

Applicant 1 - Father in Law
Bank Statements, FD Proof, investments
Pension income proof, Interest from investment Proof
Letter Local Temple stating he is the secretary and has been an active member since 1990
Marriage Certificate

Applicant 2 - Mother in Law
Bank Statement Joint Account
Deed to house/land & Translation

Applicant 3 - Sister in Law
Birth Certificate
Education certificates
Letter (NOC) from current studying institution, showing that they are happy to give her leave and to comeback by August 2016, for exam in December.
Family Tree showing relatives in India/Dubai.

and copies for all the evidence that is being submitted.
Visa: Spouse
Sub: 24/06/09 Cochin
Result: ISSUED 21/08/09
Visa: ILR
Sent: 08/10/11
Rece: 31/12/11
Sent: 12/03/19
Rece: 20/05/19
Cerm: 12/06/19
Sent: 15/06/19
Rece: 25/06/19
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Re: Standard Visitor Visa support

Post by jvijaykannan » Fri Jul 08, 2016 8:51 pm

Many Thanks Prem, yes there are coming from India - I will add some more based on your documentation to make it complete.