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student on visitor's visa with german husband.

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lina katen
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student on visitor's visa with german husband.

Post by lina katen » Sun Oct 22, 2006 9:52 pm

1. I entered the UK on a visitor's visa. I am a Canadian passport holder and my husband is an EU citizen. He is a full-time student.

2. I enrolled on a university program a few months after entering the UK.

3. I understand that now I have to change from tourist to student status on my Canadian passport OR

4. Apply as a non-EUmember of an EU family with the EEA2 form


1. Would anyone know how long the application on EEA2 form takes?
2. I might need to travel before the application (if it takes too long), if that is the case, would it be possible to leave and then upon my return to the UK apply then.

Thank you.

Marco 72
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Post by Marco 72 » Mon Oct 23, 2006 3:00 pm

You need to apply for EEA2 and your husband needs to apply for EEA1, listing you as his family member on his EEA1 form. You should send both forms together to the IND. They can be downloaded here. Since your husband is a student, he will need to complete section 5. Read carefully the guidance notes of both forms before filling them in.

About travelling, that is no problem. Get notarised photocopies of both passports (all pages) and enclose those with the application forms, stating in your cover letter that you are unwilling to part with your passports for the time being. They will contact you later on when they need you to hand in the actual passports. If everything goes ok your husband will get a 5 year residence permit and you will get a 5 year permit as the wife of an EEA national exercising Treaty rights.

My timeline:

- applied in August enclosing forms EEA1, EEA2, and EEA3 (this is for ILR, for which your husband probably does not qualify yet), together with supporting documents.
- in October the IND requested the actual passports
- in November (just over 4 weeks later) we were granted our 5 year permits
- in December I got my ILR and everything was sent back to us.