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Switching from student to workpermit

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Switching from student to workpermit

Post by aaslam » Sat Dec 18, 2004 5:53 pm

Hi everyone, i am student here in uk from sep 2000. I have done postgraduate certificate in IT from Uk University. I have a job offer now and they are ready to apply for my workpermit. Can i switch from student to workpermit or it is must to leave uk and get entry clearence from my home country. I heard that there is a new law from 1st october 2004 but is it implemented or not yet.

I hope someone will give a prompt reply on this.

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Post by MWazir » Sun Dec 19, 2004 11:31 am

Yes there were some policy changes that are effective from 1 Oct

Here is the link for in-country switching, have a look at the "switching leaflet" ... ing__.html
Switching into Work Permit Employment
Nationals from non-EEA countries may apply to switch into work permit employment without leaving the UK provided they satisfy the work permits criteria and have existing leave as:
A student and have successfully graduated at a UK higher or further education institute; or
A postgraduate doctor or dentist or trainee general practitioner; or
A student nurse; or
A working holidaymaker who has been in the UK at least twelve months; or
A participant on the Science and Engineering Graduate Scheme; or
A Highly Skilled Migrant; or
An Innovator.
Postgraduate doctors, dentists, trainee general practitioners and student nurses may only
switch into work permit employment as a doctor, dentist, general practitioner and nurse
The presumption will be that applications made from non-EEA nationals currently in the UK
in any other capacity will be refused. Therefore, non-EEA nationals in the UK on a Sectors-
Based Scheme permit will no longer be allowed to switch into work permit employment.
Full details are available from the Immigration and Nationality Directorate website within
the Immigration Rules at