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Temporary admission to the UK - anyone returned after?

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Temporary admission to the UK - anyone returned after?

Post by kiwi110077 » Thu Jul 07, 2016 11:36 am


I have a New Zealand passport. Therefore am entitled to a free visitor visa on arrival in the UK.
However last year in September, I was denied entry into the UK as a visitor as I did not have enough proof that I was a visitor - no job (I seriously think the best time to travel is when you have no job), no "home" to get back to in NZ, no mortage, not married, but enough savings to last etc.

I also previously worked in the UK on a temporary 2 year visa (T5) which expired in Jan 2015, which showed I had "strong" ties to the UK therefore they think that I was going to overstay in the UK. I know holding previous work visas will be held negatively against me.
The next day they made me fly back to Spain where I came from, but was granted temporary 1 day entry into the UK.

I have never had any issues till the above incident. I have never overstayed in any country, and entered the UK many times before as a visitor before the above incident. I do not have any crimianal records.

Now, it is almost a year, I wish to visit the UK for 5 days in the summer to visit friends.
I have a full time job in Spain, residency visa and work permit in Spain, house rental etc everything to show I have a (happy) life here and do not intend to make UK my home (which was never my intention).

I know everyone says - get a clearance visa (which will cost 200euro applying from Spain - yes this is the amount) but I want to know - IF ANYONE out there been given temporary adminsition before, was able to return to the UK as a visitor by showing up at the airport with all the papers/proof without getting a clearance/visitor visa first?

I read on this page: ... ry-refusal

which states:
If you leave voluntarily, you will be able to try again to enter the UK, provided you can satisfy the immigration officials on your return. Y

Or if there is some way to remove this mark/incident against my name?
I currently have a entry stamp in my passport which is crossed out in black ink.

Thank you.
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Re: Temporary admission to the UK - anyone returned after?

Post by Casa » Thu Jul 07, 2016 11:39 am

Having been refused entry previously, it would be unwise to travel without pre-applying for a visitor visa.
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