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Visitor Visa Invitation Letter and Sponsorship Declaration

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Visitor Visa Invitation Letter and Sponsorship Declaration

Post by batleykhan » Tue Feb 09, 2010 4:06 pm

Hi Folks

I have had so many request for this document from members of the forum, I decided to post it on here and make it a sticky.

All you will need to do is to type it as below and then amend it to suit your own needs and circumstances.

This document is primarily used for visitors visas application and not for settlement which is slightly different wording. It does not need to be signed or certified by a solicitor

Hope this might help some of you

Please amend the letter to suit your own needs- The first is a letter of invitation and the second bit is the sponsorship undertaking

Mr Fred Bloggs
123 Main Street
LS29 4QT
West Yorkshire

1st January 2009

The Entry Clearance Officer
British High Commission

Dear Sir

Re: Visitors Visa for Mrs Freda Bloggs

I am writing in support of an application by the above named person for a visitor for a period of 3 months ( Max 6 months) to enable her to visit me and my family in the UK.

The above named is a maternal aunt of mine. She resides in Pakistan.

I am willing to sponsor her visit and pay all the necessary travelling cost and any other expenses that she might incur during her stay in the UK.( in the region of about £1000-1500)

It has been over 6 years since I last met my aunt during a short visit to Pakistan

My aunt’s visit would enable her to meet me and my family, some of whom she has never met before. Bedsides myself she has a number of other relatives including a brother and sister as well as their children that she would like to meet and get to know a bit better socially.

My aunt has always had the desire see to the British culture and way of life, and visit some of the country’s historic site. Beside the above, the visit would enable her to visit a family wedding taking place on 25th January 2009.

Other Reasons for Visit ; (state reasons here)

My aunt lives with her three sons, daughter in law, children and grandchildren, with whom she is much attached. They fully support and care for her. She intends to return to them after her visit to the UK

Other reasons ( incentives to return back home after visit)

I presently work as a Traffic Engineer for Kirklees Council, and have a salary in excess of £34000. I own my own home which is a 3 bedroom semi detached. There is ample space for my aunt during her stay.

I give you my full assurance that that I can support, maintain and accommodate my aunt without any recourse to public funds. ( Attached is Sponsorship Declaration) I will pay for any medical treatment that she may have . You have my word that she will return to Pakistan after her stay with me.

I would therefore be grateful if you can kindly issue the visa to her


Yours faithfully

Fred Bloggs


Sponsorship Declaration

1. Sponsors Full Name: Mr Fred Bloggs

2. Date and Place of Birth: 15/04/1959 Anytown , Country

3. Address in UK: 123 AnyStreet Anytown County UK

4. Sponsors Occupation: Motor Engineer

5. Sponsors Employers/Address: Dellboy Cars – High St Anytown County

6. Sponsors Earnings: £28500 per annum

7. Sponsors Finance: LloydsTSB Bank £6500.23

Natwest Bank £1890.00

8. Accommodation Details: Semi Detached, 3 bedrooms, Spam,
Bathroom, Dinning, Lounge, Garage, Garden

9. Number, Date, Place 41999909 20th January 2005, Liverpool UK
Issue of Sponsors

10.Name, Relationship and Address of dependants in (Country) who are being sponsored:

Mrs Freeddah Bloggs – Mother – 999 St Marys Avenue Bridgetown Jamaica


I Mr (or Mrs) hereby solemnly and sincerely declare that if the sponsored person named above is granted leave to remain in the UK on a permanent basis (or in the case of a visitor on a temporary basis) I shall be responsible for his/her support, maintenance and accommodation in the UK throughout the period of their leave.

I also undertake to repatriate them at my cost if and when necessary and to bear all the cost of any medical treatment that they may receive. Furthermore I agree to bear all the costs of burial or cremation in the event of their death in this country.

I further understand that I may be committing an offence and liable to prosecution if, after I have given this undertaking, I do not support the sponsored person named above

Signature of Sponsor: