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Visitor visa sponsorship amount

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Re: Visitor visa sponsorship amount

Post by Ticktack » Thu Jun 23, 2022 10:04 am

Divu wrote:
Wed Jun 22, 2022 11:48 am
Please can someone help me with this question? I am getting my mum's jewels valued for her visitor visa.

Someone suggested that we can open a fixed deposit by applying for a jewel loan instead. I am worried if it will be an issue if we do a fixed deposit a week or 2 before the visa process? Please note, that I am still going to be the financial sponsor for my mum's visa. This is just to strengthen her financials as her bank balance is not that great at the moment.

Any advice will be much appreciated!
I'd advise against that. 2 weeks to the time is way too close. Heck 2 months to the application is close. One thing they hate the most is sudden money. It just feels wrong.
Your mum has been here before and left. Trust established. You want to sponsor you mum to come over and see you, nothing wrong with that either.
She starts valuing her jewels, maybe selling land, re-mortgaging her property etc. Not so good.
Your mum is probably retired, not too many retirees have access to tons of cash.

Your income and savings should be enough to show that she'd be taken care of.

State in her invite letter, that you would be responsible for her ticket, accommodation and general up keep whilst she's here in the UK. Say where you and your spouse work. It's nice to know that there's enough income in your family to sustain the lot of you.

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